BizViz Solutions

What was the goal?

  • Bizviz Solutions is a private accountancy firm based in London. The goal was to generate new leads and lines of enquiry through refining the brand and creating some print marketing materials.

What was delivered?

  • A new brand complete with logo, colour scheme and guideline.
  • Content creation.
  • Print marketing materials.
  • Consultancy on marketing best practices.

What did I do?


I went for a green colour scheme which in relation to accountancy and cash flow symbolises profit, health, positive.  I decided to use a dark grey for the accent colour because I felt that it made the green pop along with subtle use of white for contrast.

The logo was inspired by the triangular shapes of the core letters of the company name “Z” and “V”.  The three tones of green also symbolises the 3 key words of the company name.

Print Marketing

For BizViz Solutions I created:

  • A5 Leaflets – double sided
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards

(All print materials were designed and printed to the highest quality.  The paper quality was all 240gsm or more.)

A5 Leaflets

Business cards

What were the results?

First and foremost, my client was incredibly happy with the level of detail and quality of the designs and print which are traits that I have become so proud to hold.  I look forward to continuing to help grow the brand with a new website and digital presence on the horizon.


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