BVS Mortgages and Financial Services Ltd.

What was the goal?

  • BVS Mortgages and Financial Services is a relatively new company specialising in mortgage and insurance services.  Based in Isleworth, they approached me in the summer of 2018 looking to completely bring their new company and services to life.  The goal was to reveal the new company at a showcase event on the 8th July 2018.

What was delivered?

  • A new brand complete with logo, colour scheme and guideline.
  • Content creation.
  • Print marketing materials.
  • Consultancy on marketing best practices.
  • All designed and delivered within 13 days.

What did I do?


Firstly it was my goal to understand the services and ethos of the company.  In my opinion, any re-branding projects need to begin with a comprehensive understanding of what the company aims to deliver so the branding can tie into that thought process.  Looking at the financial sector brands seem to be increasingly edging towards to simplicity, clean lines and a regal-like feel when it comes to font type to pursue the air of credibility which so many financial services strive for.

I decided to go for a gold theme which symbolises first place and added a deep brown accent colour which really brought the gold to life.  The BVS font-type chosen was Georgia, which was inspired by similar fonts used particularly in the US banking sector.  The logo itself was designed to capture and combine the services offered by BVS Mortgage and Financial Services, mortgages and insurance.

The polygonal logo is symbolised by what is commonly recognised as a shape of a house with 4 lines going in the opposite way which creates an enveloping concept suggesting coverage, safety, protection or insurance.  A slight gradient was added the logo and the BVS text to add a sheen to it strengthening its reputation of gold, first, credible, regal.  The font-type used for the core content of the brand is Lato chosen for its cleanliness and ease of legibility.

Print Marketing

The MD of BVS Mortgage and Financial Services wanted to launch his company at a showcase of local organisations in July 2018 and therefore a lot of the products that he wanted me to develop was offline marketing materials to entice a word of mouth buzz.  I designed all of the marketing materials used at the event making sure that there were clear consistencies in the branding.

I created:

  • A5 Leaflets – both single and double sided
  • A4 Leaflets
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • C-fold brochures
  • Free standing roller banners
  • Large PVC hanging banners

(All print materials were designed and printed to the highest quality used a combination of finishes from; matte, gloss and feather.  The paper quality was all 240gsm or more.)

A5 Leaflets

A4 Leaflets


Business cards

C-Fold Brochure

Free standing roller banners

Large PVC hanging Banners

What were the results?

First and foremost, my client was incredibly happy with the level of detail and quality of the designs and print which are traits that I have become so proud to hold.

My client received all the marketing materials in advance of the showcase event which went off without a hitch.  I look forward to continuing to help grow the brand with a new website and digital presence on the horizon.


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