What was the goal?

  • To promote my creativity, skills and hopefully tell a compelling story about who I am and why I am passionate about all things creative!

What was delivered?

  • The focus of hirety.co is primary to showcase my work completed and experience gained through the years.
  • Along with the portfolio functionality I implemented a more visually engaging representation of the conventional CV or resume by including sliders, animated icons and ‘short bursts’ of content rather than multiple paragraphs of content.

  • The illustration of myself was created in 2014 by a good friend of mine and incredibly talented illustrator, Rudi Gundersen.  I feel he captured my features brilliant even capturing the scar above my lip I got falling off my bike when I was 8.  I’m not sure I appreciate the receding hair line though!

  • I wanted to keep the overall branding of the website clean, crisp and consistent so I opted for a text only logo using Sinkin Sans font type.  The colour palette used is minimal using two tones of blue, dark grey and white to alternate.  Using a consistent colour palette gives more life to the portfolio pages due to the break in theme which really makes the client’s work stand out.

  • One of the biggest lessons I have learned whilst developing websites for a range of clients is that user journey and navigation > aesthetic design, to a certain degree.  I kept the menu to five main pages (and one download) to keep navigation streamlined.  The website flows via one page through the five primary areas with each section linked to it’s own standalone page.
  • The website is responsive with CSS added to some components to format the website and ensure that the website is not only responsive but completely tailored to work optimally on each major device.

  • A call-to-action was added on the bottom right of the website to allow for quick contact options including phone, email, LinkedIn and a quick view of my CV/resume.  The button title “want to work together” animates every 10 seconds to capture the user’s eye whilst they browse the website.
  • I hope you like the website! I would love to know your feedback.

When did it launch?

  • Q1 2018

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