The Fat Crab ltd.

What was the goal?

  • To develop a website for a local seafood restaurant in Harrow and Surrey UK.

What was delivered?

  • A website showcasing the restaurant’s specialities, menu, special offers, locations and contact information
  • An interactive welcoming splash was illustrated acting as a shop window to the website.  Specific locations of the illustration when clicked on would lead the user to different areas of the website.  (For example clicking the bird perched on the roof of the restaurant would take the user to the restaurant’s twitter page.)
  • I also designed all of the restaurant’s promotional graphics and advertisements, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year promotions.
  • I launched and managed numerous PPC campaigns on the restaurant’s Facebook and Instagram pages driving in £800 in contributing sales in the first 30 days of our first campaign.

When did it launch?

  • Q4 2016.

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